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Monday, December 13, 2004

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The Royal Hilton
Excerpt: Wizbang reports that Paris Hilton may be appearing in an Internet porn video, ala Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, and a third of the output of the polymer industry that she carries in her rack. If Paris dies from embarassment, that's...
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Paris Hilton Porn = Traffic Spike
Excerpt: Wizbang: Paris Hilton, Porn Star Just some more info for you Paris Hilton porn googlers. I think it's ironic that graphic representation of the traffic spike my site has received by having a Paris Hilton post resembles an erection. Who...
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Hilto-lanche aka "paris hilton tape"
Excerpt: This is a message for all the folks who are looking for Paris Hilton's videotaped romp in the sheets. As Kevin pointed out yesterday, there is supposedly a videotape of Paris Hilton engaging in intimate acts three years ago with...
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It Wasn't Me
Excerpt: Well the old Shaggy song comes to mind right now. You see, our old friend Kevin has also been covering the "Paris Hilton tape" development and has added an update. A new site closely related to Gawker has now linked...
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You and me baby ain't nuthin' but mammals...
Excerpt: Warning: Adult Content! Invisi-text ahead. I feel dirty! *grabs a Handywipes* I click on a link in Kevin's post Paris Hilton, Porn Star and before I know it, Paris Hilton and Rick Soloman are having sex in my media...
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Paris Hilton Google Bait
Excerpt: Kevin Aylward is sure to get plenty of hits from search engine results for the Paris Hilton video with this post. I don't have any files, video or pictures of Paris Hilton on this site....
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Tracked: November 12, 2003 12:58 AM
Excerpt: Jeff Jarvis and Kevin Aylward have all the details of some blonde woman named after a hotel who apparently likes to have, um, relations whilst...
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Here's the gratuitous nudity
Excerpt: Wizbang: Paris Hilton, Porn Star Kevin has the linkage for the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. Naughty girl!
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In The Mood For A Little Afternoon Porn?
Excerpt: Look no further... Wizbang: Paris Hilton, Porn Star *WARNING* Explicit adult content. NOT work safe....
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Excerpt: Paris Hilton defies all boundaries of taste and decorum. And that is coming from someone who has posted "tastefully" provocative photos of herself on the web. I watched the video and the only thing about it I can take away...
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Rut Roh Raggy
Excerpt: According to Access Hollywood, the clan has entered into an agreement with some site not to make Pa.ri.s' sex tape available on the internet. HA! Too late! Link will take you to a site where you can download it....
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The Adventures of Rome Hyatt
Excerpt: Apparently, there is proof someone deserves to wear the shirt mentioned off this page. After hitting the air waves last week and becoming talk show fodder, I decided to take a gander at the Paris Hilton video. Kazaa is full...
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Excerpt: Ok - so Paris Hilton is a tart. Whatever. But, for GOD'S sake, have the guy wear a freaking CONDOM!...
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next up for the golden state? earthquakes
Excerpt: Late fall heatwaves, fires, famine, no public transit, floods, hail, thunder and lightning storms? All in less than one
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Oh, ewww!
Excerpt: Found this over at Kat's -- it was only a matter of time before the Paris Hilton / Rick Solomon sex romp made it online....
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dude, cover your eiffel tower
Excerpt: well... he'll always have paris...
Tracked: November 14, 2003 12:42 AM
Excerpt: Kevin Aylward at Wizbang has easily shattered his previous monthly traffic record--and the month isn't halfway over. And this is a blog that has had...
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Excerpt: Allah senses that you are a little nervous in the pants about this one, eh kufr? Oho! There are lots of funny little tricks we can play on you with a few pounds of Ury. Luckily for you, it is...
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Mayor of London
Excerpt: ... had this to say about Criminal Reactionary Bush: The Independent: Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, launched a stinging attack on President George Bush last night, denouncing him as the "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've...
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First and Only Word on Paris
Excerpt: For those of you in need of more Paris Hilton info, I have none to offer. However, I have one
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Paris Hilton skanky video
Excerpt: After several weeks with no luck finding anything remotely viewable without some kind of subscription required, I finally found the Paris Hilton video. Well, all I can say is it isn't Boogie Nights... You get to see some poor...
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Forget Paris
Excerpt: I'm so tired of hearing about the stupid Paris Hilton sex tape. Even if I could mentally block out the fact that she was named after one of the most loathsome places on earth, I still see more exciting stuff...
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Gay Par-ee
Excerpt: of Wizbang is still getting serious traffic from his three-week-old post with links to a clip from the now-notorious Paris Hilton sex tape—which,...
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Excerpt: This sleepy little blog, as most longtime readers know, is an update of a Blogspot-based blog. As many people do, I kept the same SiteMeter as I switched over, and sometime this morning I crossed the 20,000 visits benchmark. Considering...
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Got Paris?
Excerpt: Ok. So at first I wasn't going to take WizBang up on his offer for free Paris Hilton porn traffic. Then tonight, while chatting with a friend on ICQ, he mentioned that he hadn't yet seen the Paris Hilton sex...
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Thank You, Come Again!
Excerpt: My 30,000th visitor just arrived here a little while ago from Exultate Justi, fellow member of the Watcher's Council. Thanks for stopping by Jared! I was a little off about how long it would take to get here, but oh...
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Excerpt: Wizbang: Paris Hilton, Porn Star My original trackback has been dropped from his weblog for some reason. I wonder why...
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Excerpt: You know, kufr, despite the fact that Allah is god and you are the mud people, we actually have a lot in common. Let Allah give you an example. Think back to your high school days, when you felt insecure...
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Speaking of shameless web traffic attractions...
Excerpt: Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Hi there. Made ya
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Speaking of shameless web traffic attractions...
Excerpt: Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Paris Hilton sex tape! Hi there. Made ya
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Excerpt: You have been looking for it for days -- maybe weeks. Well, your long search can stop right now. That's right, folks, it's here, and it's yours for the asking -- entirely free!I'm talking, of course, about Google traffic --...
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Paris Hilton, porn star and traffic generator
Excerpt: Wizbang has some links to Wizbang: the Paris Hilton tapes, but what's really interesting is that through a weird quirk in PageRank, Wizbang got a ton of traffic to their fairly short posting. So my question is, is it worth...
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Paris Hilton is the No. 1 fake name
Excerpt: "Paris Hilton" is the No. 1 fake name used by people calling for pizza deliveries, according to a survey of Domino's Pizza drivers in Washington, D.C., released Monday by the pizza delivery chain. And 38 percent of those using the...
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Paris Hilton Sex Tape Mocked
Excerpt: Sunday, December 07, 2003Paris Hilton Sex Tape Mocked!! This is a funny take on the Paris Hilton Sex VideoParis Hilton Sex Tape! Paris Hilton and pal Nicole Richie remain dense and unlikable down on the farm The Seattle Times: Arts & En...
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Yet another shameless self promotion
Excerpt: The mention of porn, tits, and several mentions of George Bush have not prompted a huge increase in the size of my numbers. This being the case, I'm certain that the addition of a sleaxy sex tape or threesome won't draw any more traffic than I alread...
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